Global Integrity Finance LLC offers a pooled mortgage income fund called Global Integrity Finance LLC (“GIF”). Investors can purchase Membership Units and become equity Members of the Fund.

Global Integrity Private equity Fund LLC is managed by Global integrity Finance LLC, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Integrity Finance LLC. The principals of Global Integrity Finance LLC manage the day-to-day activities of the Fund.

GIF commenced operations on January 1, 2015.

Investment in the Fund is limited to “Accredited Investors” as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Generally, individual investors can qualify by having either a net worth over $1 million (excluding primary residence) or annual income over $200,000 for the previous two years ($300,000 for married couples).

The minimum investment for each unique investor is $100,000, which amount may be adjusted in the sole discretion of the Fund Manager.

The annualized return to investors is projected to be between 12% and 16% annualized, however, these returns are not guaranteed. Through the period ended August 30, 2017, the inception-to-date annualized return to Fund Members has been 16.7%.

The Fund receives 100% of the interest on all loans or rent on any owned real estate. GIF also earns a portion of all origination, extension and exit fees charged on loans.

Investors are required to hold their Member units for a period of 12 months, after which redemption requests are met by the Fund Manager on a first-come, first-served and best efforts basis.

Investors may request a Private Placement Memorandum using the link here. After providing verification of accredited investor status, the investor will be required to sign the subscription agreement and deposit 10% of the total investment amount. The Fund Manager has 180 days to request the balance of the committed amount to complete the purchase of Member Units.

Yes. Please contact Global Integrity Finance at to arrange a convenient time for an introductory phone call.


Is Global Integrity Finance the right place to invest your money?

Global Integrity Finance LLC provides consistent double-digit returns to accredited investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolios with an alternative real estate allocation. The fund provides short-term financing to investors for both single-family and commercial properties in Texas.

  • 16.7% annualized return since fund launch in January 2015
  • Trusted management team with extensive experience
  • Diversified loan portfolio in strong real estate markets

Global Integrity Finance is a Dallas-based private lender. We manage a pooled mortgage income fund that originates small balance real estate loans primarily in major markets in Texas. Global Integrity Finance has been in the private lending business since 2015, and since then we’ve originated over 372 loans totaling over $68 million.

  • GIF LLC has delivered consistent double-digit return to its Members – with a 16.7% annualized return since its inception in of 2015.
  • GIF LLC is an open-ended “Evergreen” fund exempt from SEC registration under Regulation D, Rule 506(c).
  • GIF LLC is open to “Accredited” investors as defined by the SEC with a minimum investment size of $100,000.
  • GIF LLC has an advisory board composed of a 5 man team who are also investors in the fund. The fund also has a third party administrator and an annual CPA audit.
  • GIF LLC makes private “hard money” loans on small balance real estate, primarily in Texas, on single-family residential properties.
  • GIF LLC has a proven underwriting process with a historical loan-to-value of 65-75%.