Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Build a Bridge to the Land of Success

The business loan experts of Global Integrity Finance have an extensive background in offering our clients commercial hard money loans and bridge loans. We can provide you with funds in a short amount of time thanks to our connections with institutional private investment firms.

Understanding Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Simply put, a bridge or hard money loan is meant to sustain your business through hard financial times. Even if your business is currently completing a round of finance, there’s a chance you may need liquid capital until the round of funding has gone through. Global Integrity Finance is here to be your life boat and your bridge.

Rates and Criteria

We’re a commercial financing company that offers loan sizes ranging from $1,000,000 to $100,000,000, and we can offer loans both nationally and internationally. As for collateral, we specialize in commercial real estate for business lending, which includes development and raw land projects.

Additional features of this specific program include:

  • Variable interest rates from 9% to 14%, depending on your collateral
  • Commercial amortization that’s interest only
  • A loan-to-value ratio available up to 80%
  • ARV up to 70%
    • No Credit Required
    • No Appraisals
    • Closing in 5-7 Business Days
    • 100% Purchase Loans
    • 100% Rehab Loans
  • Origination fees ranging anywhere from one to four percent
  • Bridge loans that come with closing times of anywhere from five days to a full month.

To learn more about our bridge and hard money loans, or any of our other commercial financing programs, get in touch with us today.